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January 13, 2006
Religious Liberty Still a Beacon

By Kent Willis From The Freelance Star In America's great dance to the music of time, the winningest couple in the constitutional-rights category is surely the ...

January 09, 2006
Thank Virginia For Nation's Rights

By Judith Williams Jagdmann From The Freelance Star In 2007, Virginia and the nation will celebrate the 400th anniversary of the English landing at Jamestown. As we...

November 28, 2005
Christmas Under Siege: A Report on the Elimination of an American Tradition

Christmas, as it has traditionally been observed during our lifetime, is under siege. Across our nation, signs wishing people a "Merry Christmas" are being taken dow...

November 08, 2005
Ninth Circuit: No Constitutional Right for Parents to Exclusively Teach Children About Sex

By Dave Caddell On Wednesday, November 2, 2005, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in a unanimous decision ruled that parents do not have a constitutional right to b...

October 20, 2005
Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003: Gonzales v. Carhart

By Dave Caddell The Bush Administration has petitioned the Supreme Court to consider whether a federal law that bans a medical procedure known as "partial-birth abor...

October 06, 2005
Prayer at City Council Meetings: Analysis and Guidelines

The issue of prayer and/or invocations at City Council meetings has come into question since the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals issued its decision in Wynne v. Town of...

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