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Are you suffering the loss of your freedoms because you cannot afford to stand up for your rights in a court of law? You are not alone. Vast numbers of people are being systematically disenfranchised from their rights in a free nation. And most of the people who need legal help cannot afford to pay legal fees. That’s why The Rutherford Institute defends people who have been denied civil and human rights without charging them for such services. The Rutherford Institute exists to ensure that people are treated fairly in the courts and are free to exercise their liberty without fear.

The Rutherford Institute has established a network of state, regional and international affiliates to defend constitutional freedoms. If you or someone you know needs legal assistance, you can call, write, e-mail or use our confidential Online Help Request Form to contact our legal department.

In addition to defending constitutional rights, The Rutherford Institute has assisted thousands of people who seek a greater understanding of constitutional principles as they apply to contemporary issues. From civil liberties such as religious freedom and parental rights to human rights such as the right to be free from sexual harassment, the Institute educates citizens about how to exercise their rights in their culture.

To educate the public on critical issues, The Rutherford Institute publishes numerous books, papers, periodicals and pamphlets, many of which are available in our online store. In addition, our Freedom Resource Brief Bank provides legal resources to assist attorneys involved in constitutional litigation.