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June 21, 1999
The Rise and Fall of the Christian Right

The recent dismantling of the Christian Coalition, the long-standing monolith of the conservative religious movement, symbolizes the demise of the "New Right." Following ...

June 14, 1999
Strip Searching Students---Has the Pursuit of Safety Gone Too Far?

With the threat of drugs, weapons and violence infecting our schools and campuses, school officials have come under severe pressure to insure the safety of students. Such...

June 08, 1999
When Does An Unborn Child Become A Human Being?

When does a fetus become a human being, protected by law? Pro-life advocates assert that, morally speaking, life begins at conception. Legally speaking, however, the ques...

May 28, 1999
Breakdown of Family, Not Hollywood, Is Cause of Violence

There has been no shortage of blame for the recent shootings in Littleton, Colorado and Conyers, Georgia. The latest targets being taken to task for the rash of school vi...

May 24, 1999
Smashing Free Speech and Turning Our Schools Into Pressure Cookers

During the past seven years, less than one percent of the schools across the country have experienced a violent death on campus, according to June Arnette, associate dire...

May 17, 1999
Censoring the Confederate Flag Is Unconstitutional

Specialized license plates in Virginia contain the Freemason symbol,Kiwanis Club and Harley Davidson logos, even a bowling ball. The symbol ofthe Sons of Confederate Vete...

May 10, 1999
Marilyn Manson is the Result, Not the Cause

Since the tragic shooting in Littleton, Colorado, news programs, talk shows and newspaper articles have attempted to answer the question, "Why?" Marilyn Manson, with his ...

May 03, 1999
Flag Desecration Amendment Dangerous to Freedom

Since the Bill of Rights was first adopted in 1791, Congress has amended the United States Constitution a mere seventeen times. Not once has one of these seventeen amendm...

April 19, 1999
Satellites Now Monitor Us, Not Missles

Like animals tagged and tracked in the wild, prison parolees are now being tagged with a tracking bracelet. The bracelet is monitored by a satellite that watches their ev...

April 12, 1999
Passenger's Privacy Rights Thrown Out The Window By Supreme Court

The Fourth Amendment's protection against unreasonable searchessufferced ansea-fa taf bdow/when the Supreme Cour rulced recenlye that the o lic mMay searc Fall the geronv...

April062, 1999
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Marc 219, 1999

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Marc 212, 1999
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