Constitutional Corner

Introductory Essay

We the People


History Section

Before the Revolution
Revolutionary Period
Making of the U.S. Constitution


Founding Documents

The U.S. Constitution
The Bill of Rights
Additional Amendments to the U.S. Constitution
Declaration of Independence
Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom


The Bill of Rights Today

Introductory Essay: The Great Rights of Mankind
Amendment I: Freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, and Assembly
Amendment II: To Keep and Bear Arms
Amendment III: The Quartering Amendment
Amendment IV: Searches, Seizures and Warrants
Amendment V: Rights in the Face of Government Overreach
Amendment VI: Speedy Public Trial by Jury
Amendment VII: Jury Trial in Civil Disputes
Amendment VIII: Cruel and Unusual Punishment
Amendment IX: Rights Retained by the People
Amendment X: Rights Retained by the States
Habeas Corpus
Concluding Essay: We Are Not What We Set Out to Be



Constitutional Q&A 
So You Think You Can Write-In Your Vote? The Options and Limitations of Write-In Voting
Your First Amendment Right to Vote
The Twelve Rules of Christmas
Helping the Homeless
Rules of Engagement for Interacting With Police
American Community Survey
The Legality of Stop and ID Procedures
Knock & Talk Police Tactics
The Right to Protest
Civil Asset Forfeiture
The Twelve Rules of Christmas

Citizen's Toolbox:
What You Can Do to Save America

Notable Supreme Court Cases
How Much Do You Know?
Additional Reading